Our Mission

At Linkbux.com, we believe every form of an online advertisement is a practice of affiliate marketing, whether at its simplicity or innovation; and we are the experts to help you leverage your online presence.

Our Story

In 2020, after seeing countless performance marketing networks relentlessly damage the online experience, a few passionate and experienced affiliate marketers decided to combine their resources and experience to offer a seamless connection to advertisers and publishers. Backed up by our industry partners, Linkbux Affiliate Network was born.

As advertisers, we know the struggle of lack of transparency working with a sub-affiliate network. Hence, we comply to provide full transparency and strive to adhere to your program requirements.

As publishers, we also know the pain of sharing profit margin in the supply chain. Therefore, we are flexible with our transaction fee and open to charge less for you to earn more.

Though the global economy has been heavily influenced by COVID-19 and social reform, our goal remains the same – championing a simple yet innovative solution for both advertisers and publishers.

Meet our team

Operating in Shanghai with a key partner in Los Angeles, please meet our team


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